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Essential Guide to Bike Gears and Equipment

Whether you just invested in a new bike or want to care for your trusty ride, it is important to fill your tool kit with the essential bike gears and equipment. These toolkit items are designed to optimize the performance of your bike so you can rely on it throughout your rides. However, the safety of the rider is the primary concern for investing in these gears and equipment. Before you head to a cycling store Sydney has today, you need to know what to invest in first.

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Repair Kit

One of the best investments you can make from a cycle shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer is a toolkit. You will never know when you might have a flat tire or need to do a quick repair on your bike. Hence, it is important to stock your toolkit with basic repair tools and items.

A bike multi-tool is an essential in your repair kit. You can use it to fix a busted chain or tighten bolts on your ride. This is, therefore, a good tool to carry around because it can do many things with just one tool.

Aside from a multi-tool, you should also invest in a tire patch kit and spare tube. This is essential if you have a flat tire; you can use the tire patch kit to address any small puncture on the tire. Meanwhile, you can use the tube to replace the existing one if you suffer from large punctures on the tire.

Finally, you need a bike pump in your repair kit. You can use it to manually inflate the tire in case there is not enough tire pressure. Tire pumps are readily available when you go to a Sydney Alexandria bike shop – almost every store sells one.

Safety Equipment

It is also important to stock up on safety equipment when riding, not just a repair kit. For your bike safety, make sure you have bike lights: both tail and head lights. They are handy when you are biking during the night or in a bad weather. You can find low to high-end models of headlights at a Two Monkeys Cycling store has today to suit your budget. The same goes with taillights.

Aside from the lights, you should also have bike reflectors, mirrors, and bells. These are low-cost additions to your ride; hence, there is no point in not investing in them. Reflectors make it possible for other vehicles to see your bike when driving at night. Meanwhile, mirrors are important so you can see what is behind you or if there are any oncoming vehicles toward the same direction as you. Meanwhile, a bell is a simple tool you can use to alert pedestrians or people on the sidewalk before you pass. This will prevent pedestrians from making sudden movements that could cause you to fall off your bike in an attempt to avoid them.

With a list of essential bike gears and equipment, you can head to a cycling store Sydney has to offer and make the right investment. For the best bike shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer, you may visit

Do NOT do These Things When Washing Your Custom Cycling Gear

Have you given your biking or triathlon clothing a whiff after your training sessions or after a long ride? If it smells awful, then you could remove the undesirable scent by thoroughly cleaning your garments.

However, before you wash them. remember to not simply throw your gear right into the washing machine. Your activewear is made from specialised materials that can obtain damaged when based on the automatic tough rotating cycles. More information Custom

Preserve your personalised custom cycling jersey’s quality longer by avoiding these things:


Leaving them lying anywhere

It’s normal to feel dead tired after a long flight or after your demanding triathlon training. Doing the laundry might be the last thing on your mind. However, keep in mind that moist apparel is the best area for germs and awful scents to accumulate.

So if you cannot clean your jackets as soon as possible, hang your sportswear after you change your clothes. This enables your clothing to air out, staying clear of microorganisms from growing and also nasty smells from sticking.

Also, rinse your equipment first before hanging if they are covered in mud or gunk.

Throwing them straight right into the washing machine

Comply with these steps when washing your custom cycling gear:

– Zip up all zippers

– Turn them completely

– Separate whites from coloured

– Hand wash your activewear. If you will use a washing machine, use a mesh bag. Make sure to set it to a delicate/gentle clean cycle.

– Laundry in cold or lukewarm water. Don’t wash in hot water all costs as too much heat will damage your special sports equipment.

– When the washing is done, don’t leave your biking clothing or tri gear soaking. Take them out and also hang them today to dry.

Using bleach, fabric softeners/conditioners, as well as solid detergents

These could damage the fabric of your custom triathlon garments and impact the garment’s wicking as well as water-proof abilities. It is best to utilize a soft cleaning agent that’s only used for sports equipment.

Using the dryer

The heat will affect the fibres of the tailor-made garments and can create them to diminish or lose form and damage the elastic bands. For the exact same factor, prevent drying them straight imaginable and also do not iron them. Instead, permit them to air completely dry.

If you are going to utilize clothing pins, go with those that will not break the fibres of your triathlon or cycling clothing.

Washing your gloves and caps with various other gear

Hand wash these things to preserve their high quality and also shape. The costs of biking caps can break when thrown right into a washing machine, while hand-wear covers could come to be rigid or difficult depending on the material. Use the exact same steps for washing unique sports apparel (provided under # 2).

Your custom cycle jacket’s lifespan will certainly depend on just how you take care of your activewear. Maintain them in good shape by complying with these basic guidelines in the correct cleaning and treatment.

You could obtain the most from your specialised sporting activities clothes (money-wise too), and maintain unwanted scents and also microorganisms away.

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