Maintenance Practices that Keep the Air Conditioner Running Properly


Keeping your air conditioner in good shape throughout the year doesn’t only save you money on repairs and replacement services. It also prolongs the lifespan of the HVAC system you install. You can’t know whether the HVAC system is at its highest efficiency if you don’t give it regular attention. It’s advisable to check on the efficiency of the air conditioner before the cooling season starts. This is what most of the people who own air conditioners in Atlanta do to minimize the cost of air conditioning repair Atlanta market offers today. Perform these simple maintenance practices to avoid costly HVAC repairs:

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Keep the fins always clean

If the fins of your air conditioner are dirty, you could be risking having a defective unit later. Keeping the fins clean is one thing and how to clean them is another thing. Use a garden hose and spray through the fins using a strong stream to remove any debris or dirt that could have built up between the fins. Using a pressure washer may lead to damaged fins if you are not careful. If you regularly interact with some experts in air conditioning repair Atlanta has today, they could guide you on the type of commercial fin cleaning spray to use.

Clean the unit’s surrounding area

After you have cleaned the unit, the fun cage should be replaced. Any vegetation or branches two feet from the air conditioning unit should be cut in all directions. The debris and leaves outside the condenser should be raked back. The leaves and debris prevent proper airflow around the air conditioner. Get a piece of plastic or plywood and cover the top part of the air conditioner to ensure the debris and leaves don’t fall in. Nonetheless, you should be careful not to cover the sides of the air conditioner to avoid moisture buildup from inside since this would cause corrosion. By so doing, you would reduce the time you would have to spend in air conditioner replacement Atlanta has today.

Have the blower filter changed

Most HVAC experts advise homeowners and those with HVAC systems on their buildings to be mindful of the condition of the blower filters. In fact, they insist one should change the blower filters after about six months. To ensure you do it the right way, change the blower filters just before the cooling and heating seasons start. When replacing the blower filter, you should match the airflow rating to have a cost-effective HVAC service plan Atlanta has to offer.

Consult the expert

While the above are some of the maintenance practices you can do on your own, just know there are others that need the attention of an experienced HVAC professional. If the refrigerant of your HVAC system is leaking, you shouldn’t try to work on it. Just call in a trained technician to work on the problem. If there is a need for air conditioning repair Atlanta has to offer, always let a competent technician handle it.

Quality maintenance keeps repair costs of any home appliance away. During some of the maintenance practices, it’s possible to troubleshoot some problems and fix them in good time. Prolonged performance and efficiency are guaranteed if you invest in quality maintenance. Talk to some of those who offer services in heating and cooling Atlanta has today concerning the most effective maintenance practices to implement. You can try to visit one best servicing HVAC company like Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning.